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The color one is a shot I took in 1979 When I drove back from Californa. When Joshua Tree came out, I loved it, and listened to it all the time. It wasn't until a few years ago, that I noticed this. It was the same tree.


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the Joshua Tree | U2


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It was pretty amazing that back in March, U2 played in Somerville, Massachusetts. They were wanting to do a practice for their upcoming World Tour....and did at the Somerville Theater. Really incredible. They even went across the street afterwards for a beer.

YouTube Magnificent | U2 - Live at Somerville Theatre

Years ago (1980) a local radio station, WBCN, would have live shows from the Paradise Theater. They often promote local bands, and on ocassion get some well know names to come perform.

Anywho, at the time U2 was not at all known in the US, but the program director knew of them, and booked them for the show. Well, they stole the show, and become so incredibly popular that they were heard almost continuously on the radio station. Carter Alan, the program director, would go on to write two biographies of the group...

Ever since, the band has had a bit of a soft spot for Boston, and everyone here is quite happy for that. One of my all time favorite groups, and a treat to see.

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