Monday, March 12, 2012

Billboard Design • Part 2 | "U" Belong

If you haven't already done so, take a peek at the Billboard Design 1 blog, which is available at this link...

blogger gwennie2006 | Billboard Design • Part 1 from the Deanna Cremin Memorial Foundation

See a completely remixed version at this blog....


The above billboard is from an original photo by Kristen Duran. I really like the perspective that shot the photo from, and her timing was great too. The people in the photo are well balanced, and the portion of dock is well placed. That is a really massive catamaran too, and because the nature of that type of boat is so wide, it works quite well for the aspect ratio needed in a billboard. While the proportions often vary from billboard to billboard, they are always very horizontal in nature. The sail works well in her photo too, as it already put away and acts as a pointing arrow of sorts within the photo. As you can see I deliberately broke the words around the sail, and it points to the second portion of copy.

I did some minor editing of her photo initially too, as is often needed in any image used for advertising. Her original photo had some things on the dock, and some of the paint had chipped away from the posts. Those were simple to fix, and are explained in this image before I added the image onto the billboard scene....
Deanna Cremin Memorial Foundation



I also worked on an additional image from Kristen that has a very interesting perspective, as it is shot from above. I used the same elements from the above billboard to help create an established look. It is a small campaign for adverting.


As you can see there is a theme developed by including the same elements. Even though they are different images, the included elements help to create a familiar feel to it. That is how a campaign begins, and as it gets used more and more on additional pieces, it becomes even more recognizable. Here is the campaign extended to a full page ad…

The photography in that ad, as well as all of the pieces in this blog, was done by Kristen Duran. Just click any image and it will take you to the image on flickr where you can find links to her originals. Thank you again so much for allowing me to work on them.

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