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from Flower to Fire


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From a beautiful original by Jenny Romney titled, Peach Blossom.
...also part of a discussion from the Photoshop Elelements group...
Show us what you got...flower:

Here is a link to initial version I did too:

Here is a link to the original by Jenny Romney:

I first added some petals to fill out the flower a little. I did this with the same colors as the original. I then tried to add some light from behind at the base of the flower petals. I used a strong yellow spotlight. I darkened away from the light. I am also trying a more vertical and symmetrical version. Thank you so much Jenny1 Your flower pictures are so beautiful!!.

I used the Pen Tool to select the edges of the flower. This too alo allowed me to select portions that I needed to cover bare spots with. Once the flower was isolated on its own layer, I could make quick selection of portions using the regular lasso tool with adjusted feathering. I pushed the contrast a bunch to help exagerrate the colors.

I used the initial touched up version I had created earlier and mirrored it once I had rotated it. I used it on several layers, applying contrast and brightnes to selected areas. I defined the edge of the clouds and deleted this from the layer with the symmetrical flower. I softened this edge in different areas using the eraser with a large airbrush. I mirrored a foreground shot in specific areas and lit the top edge some. Flattened and applied a lens flare. I actually also did this under the cloud with less flare just before I flattened the image. By using the lense flare at two different strengths and being cropped by the edge of the cloud tends to give the image some added depth, I thought.

Thank you so much jennyromney for letting me work on your beautiful image!!

Here is a link for some
Tutorials using the Pen Tool:
Lesson 4A: Introduction to the Pen Tool:
Lesson 4A Pen tool introduction Lesson 4A Pen tool introduction Lesson 4A Pen tool introduction
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Here are all of the pages for the second section.
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Lesson 4B: Mastering the pen tool Lesson 4B: Mastering the pen tool Lesson 4B: Mastering the pen tool Lesson 4B: Mastering the pen tool
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These links will bring up the support files, as well as a couple examples too:
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