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Light Effect work from the Deanna Cremin Memorial Foundation...

Using the different light effect blending modes within PhotoShop allows you to blend images into each other very well. The light blending modes most often used include screen, multiply, darken, and lighten. They are found at the top drop down menu for each layer within the Layer Pallette window. Here is a link that will bring up some examples for you at flickr:

Light Effect editing | flickr.com

Each of those from the above link will have descriptions from the various posters who did the work. Just click the images to view them. Below are some additional pieces from a few of the Deanna Cremin Memorial Foundation members at flickr. I hope you enjoy them...

These are from gwennie2006 at flickr:
apophenia2 • gwennie2006
speak2 • gwennie2006 moonRise • gwennie2006

U2 | Ultraviolet (light my way) • YouTube
one | Mary J. Blige, featuring Bono Grammys 2006 • YouTube


CDcoverGrfx | flickr HiveMind • In order of popularity

gwennie2006 | flickr Widget requires Flash Player 9 or better.

gwennie2006 | stairway2heaven...

A couple from GrfxDziner at flickr:
door2 • GrfxDziner roadLessTraveled2 • GrfxDziner


Some from HiltonFan at flickr:
Shakira6sm tyra05 ScarlettJohansson5sm
GrfxDziner.com | Go Red GrfxDziner.com | Go Yellow GrfxDziner.com | Go Green

Deanna Cremin Murder investigation UPDATE:
I also wanted to mention about the Deanna Cremin murder of March 29, 1995 in Somerrville Massachusetts, that her Mom, Katherine Cremin has received some more NEW information in the past week. The Somerville Police and Detectives are working very hard on this, as is the Middlesex County District Attorney's office. They are very, very close to solving this. If anyone has any information...ANYthing at all... regarding Deanna Cremin and/or the night of March29, 1995 behind the elderly housing project at 125 Jaques Street in Somerville, MA....Please get in touch with the Somerville Police at 617-625-1600. There is still a $20,000.00 dollar reward for the information that leads to an areest and conviction of her killer.....

Please Help! Deanna Cremin. Thank You so Much!! They only need a little information, nothing more $20,000.00 Reward!

"The dead cannot cry out for Justice;
it is a duty of the living to do so for them"

- Lois McMaster Bujold

A Mother's Quest for Justice...July 27, 2006.
from JusticeforDeanna at YouTube:
A Mother's Quest for Justice!, on YouTube

Here are the Newspaper articles......
Boston Herald | Deanna Cremin articles | Articles on Deanna Cremin murder.
Somerville, MA

From 1995......
Deanna Cremin murder | Anguish drives Mom's quest for killer... Deanna Cremin murder | Victim Loved to work with kids...

Deanna Cremin murder | 17 year-old's slaying leaves Classmates stunned, sobbing... Deanna Cremin murder | Everybody Loved her, Somerville is Shocked...

More recent articles (from 2005)...
Deanna Cremin murder | Teen's unsolved murder weighs heavily on Mom... Deanna Cremin murder | Billboard touts Reward! in slay probe...

...Just click the thumbnails to see the full size article.
Thank you all again very much!

flickr HiveMind • 4Deanna search, in recent order


flickr HiveMind | MyFoxBoston (recent uploads)

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