Friday, November 6, 2009

Tales of the Butterfly • Little Wing...

GrfxDziner | tales of the Butterfly Garden

GrfxDziner | Tales of the Butterfly Garden

This is some work I have been doing on flickr. The Mom's children are like little cherubs and it has been great fun working with them. That's the Mom in the fairy costume, she got it for Halloween. She is adorable. I used my Secret Garden shot as the background for both of the images and applied some duplicate layers as multiply mode as well as using the Lighting Effects Filter. Here's a link to the background shot:

...and my Viceroy Butterfly shot that she holds:

Cristina Scabbia1b Viceroy Butterfly (limenitis archippus) GretchenWilson2

The eye of a designer...What is Typography?
DesignEye4A DesignEye4B DesignEye4C DesignEye4D

The eye of a designer...What is your Type?
DesignEye5A DesignEye5B DesignEye5C venusComp1InsFldout butterflyLiner1

Full PDF downloads for each section, with links too...
The Eye of a Designer • What is Typography? |
The Eye of a Designer • What is Your Type? |
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