Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fade to Black...

YouTube Magnificent | U2 - Live at Somerville Theatre, 3-11-09


One thing that I really like is when the image fades to black, and sits on a black background as well. You will notice that most of blogs and site pages are black background. This can also help give the imagery a bit more vibrancy, as the color has a stronger contrast to black. The fades can be compiled within the image, or applied as a sort of vignette. The example above and the below left one, have the transition done sharply in places and then softer fades combined with them. The bottom right image just uses a vignette to fade softly. That vignette was created quickly from a lasso tool selection. The feather was very, very strong (350 pixels) and allows the fade to be very soft and smooth.

Also, be sure to have the image go to full, jet black. You can see in some of the photos and such here that just a few tones lighter will be visible. Full black fades are better for many things, including animation work, including crossing the stage for motion.

reflectionBC gwennie2006 | full bloom

Another thing that works well against a black page is to have the fade on your image come from just the top or bottom. The image below (center group of three) has the black fading very gently and the transitions onto the model are also very soft. The color tone has been muted slightly. The type is quite large, but the subtle shift in color from the background makes it appear subdued. The feature image below, as well as the two small outside images of the group of three, are naraku009 from flickr. She is a really wonderful model, and I have faded her images a couple different ways. They are a lot of fun to work with.

seriously?2a Kirsten Dunst 1smMuted Kenya1

Once an image is faded to black, you can do many things to it. Lighting offers a bunch of possibilities, and the Lighting Effects Filter allows you to create all kinds of lighting scenarios. Your images will interact better with portions faded to black. Remember too, any image faded to black, can have that black portion easily extended. Also, when it is applied as "screen" blending mode in Photoshop, the black portions remains invisible.

model5 | TunnelSpot2 TunnelSpot1 Tunnel2
subway subwayBurst2 jupiter1 spiralBronze tubularBlue5 model6 model6C
model5B model4 model5 model2 model1 tulip1Spot venusComp1Cover

This may help some too...
the Feather Model Project... | Blogger GrfxDziner:

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