Thursday, June 4, 2009

stairway 2 heaven...and it makes me wonder...



... the flickr slideshow of that set from gwennie2006:

...the high resolution stairway2heaven |

Boston Herald | Deanna Cremin articles | Articles on Deanna Cremin murder. Somerville, MA

Video: Fox25 News | Justice for Deanna Cremin | Unsolved:Justice For Deana Cremin. Fox25 News' Bob Ward, gives detail accounts of what took place the night of March 29, 1995. Advances in forensic detective work has allowed for more evidence to surface.
"We are hopeful with the advances in forensic evidence....We also need some witness information on this case.."

Martha Coakley
, Middlesex County District Attorney

Please Help Deanna Cremin | Google™ Search

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Deanna Cremin Memorial Foundation | Google™ Image Search

Please Help!
$20,000.00 Reward!

Please help Deanna Cremin
• Google™ search. Thank you!

Her Family and Friends miss her so much!
Stairway to Heaven...

March for Justice...callin' all you Angels.
from FriendsofDeanna at YouTube:
March for Justice

aired on Fox25 News
by, Bob Ward
Saturday, November 11, 2008:

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