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Isis • Goddess of MotherHood

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Brightness | Is the same Light as to Sound.
Wikipedia | Isis...Egyptian Goddess of maturnity; fertility & nature.

Here is also a link to another edit...and a portion of the editing description. Just click an edit to see the full description....

Whenever I work on jewelry it is important to try and sparkle the stones and metal some more than what the original photograph offers. Because of the angle of the light to the angle of the gem stones, some are much less brilliant than others. This can be easily adjusted with layers and having them applied as "Screen" blending mode. For the first layer that we will label Diamonds, I will also be using a Layer Mask. To start, I duplicate the Original Background layer, and name it Diamonds...
sana2b princessScreen1

Then, chose a Layer Mask from the Lyer drop down menu. You see we have two choices, Reveal All and Hide All. Reveal all will give you a white mask, and you paint in black to cover what you do not want to show. Hide All gives you a black mask and you paint in white to reveal the portions you want.

PrincessScreen2 reflectinsdcovs2 Function of Form | Patterns in Nature

I ended up using the Hide All option, and you see the Layer Mask is all black. Reveal All gives you an all white mask to begin. Then select the layer and apply it as "Screen" blending mode.

sanaNawaz2SM PrincessScreen3

I then added several more layers. One for the Rubys, another for the Emeralds, etc. I eneded up with many layers on this edit, so having them named was helpful.

I only had a Layer Mask for the Diamonds one, because I included some definition of the gold work too. The other gem stone layers were applied as "Screen" blending and I used very light tones of the color to paint with. A pale pink for the Rubys, and a pale bright green for the Emeralds. I also duplicated the layers once they were done and applied the duplicates as "Soft Light" blending mode and a little stronger opacity. This punched up the contrast, and gave the gems more brilliance.

PrincessScreen4 reemaKahn2

Thank you so very much for letting me work on this stunning photograph of this magnificent woman and her jewels. I hope you find my effort worthy of her.


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