Thursday, February 17, 2011

Apollo 11 | Around the World in 80 seconds...

Apollo 11 | 40 years later...

I created that one night back in July '09. The 40th Anniversary of the remarkable Moon Landing was coming up, so I thought I would create something to commemorate it. I also had just lost one of my uncles, so I did it in remembrance of him. It was my Dad's brother, Uncle Jed. He was a great man, and when I was about eight years old, he lent me a microscope. It was an extremely nice one too, with interchangeable lenses and all. He let me use it for a couple years. I loved it.
 Anyways, when I created the Apollo 11 poster I kept thinking about those ski trips and all, and the many times we drove around the rotary. I posted it on flickr, and I was also doing some researching on the net about different things going on to commemorate the 40th Anniversary. I was anticipating adding some links to the description of the poster. The Apollo 11 poster I had just put up on flickr showed right away in Google, and it was coming from an Austrian site. I wqas like that is so cool. Someone had found my work and reposted it on there site in Austria. It happened in about 80 seconds too. I went to their site and translated the copy to english so I could ead what they had said....It is a wonderful right up. I was so pleased I joined their site just leave a comment, and Thank them. It is still on that site, and here is a link to that article if you like...
 The whole experience was perfect, and I laughed to myself afterward....'Ole Uncle Jed made it around the world in about 80 seconds. I wonder if he and my Dad noticed that, or maybe even if he had something to do with it. He did love going around in circles so much you know.

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