Monday, January 31, 2011

The colors of grey...


The above image is from an original by....titled....I did some retouch work explained in the first comment of the photo if you click it. I then wanted to do a greyscale conversion. Normally when you simply the conversion it can appear flat and lacking contrsast. Boosting te contrast in different ways can often deteriorate the subtle ones.

One way tat can help a great deal with your conversion is to add a layer of colored light above it. In photo shop you simply creat a new layer and fill it with an appropriate shade. See this example below...
Soft Light Filtering example...

The first image is the full color version, then a straight greyscale conversion fr testing. The foue other images have cyan, red, green and then blue layrs added respectively. In each instance that color layer was applied as "soft light" blending mode. The colors gained are only fr the aid in the greyscale conversion. Once a simple conversion is applied to the ccolored variants, they react in different ways...

Soft Light Blending modes example...

Other colors could be used also, but thee example is to give you an idea of how helpful it can be to filter light through your colored original. It is the same way an enlarge head dials in hues and tones. By making the adjustment to te light, you retain all of he details in the original. You can further contrast a touch, but you will have better details to begin with.


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